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The Massachusetts Trappers Association is an organization founded for the purpose of preserving the tradition of fur harvesting, while promoting education and perserverence into the future.


The Massachusetts Trappers Association has a long, and rich history, shaped and molded through fur booms, lulls, legislation, and generations of trappers, both young and old.


Today, the Association's focus is to maintain our trapping priviledges, regain those that have been lost, and to encourage and promote education of trappers, both seasoned and inexperienced, as well as those unfamiliar with our sport. We seek to preserve that wonderful renewable resource that is furbearers, through our state managed and regulated trapping, so that generations to come can enjoy the rich, abundant wildlife that Massachusetts is home to.

Objectives of Mass Trappers (from current By-laws)


-To develop leadership for the advancement of the best interests of the trapper and fur industry.

-To inspire in our membership the desire to practice the ethics of sportsmanship towards others who wish to enjoy the recreation and pleasure of the outdoors.

-To cooperate with duly recognized conservation organizations in the furtherance of the objectives of the trapping fraternity.

-To aid and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in bringing about the apprehension and just punishment of any person who molests, distrubs, or steals traps set by another or who releases or steals fur bearing animals caught by another.

-To discourage and help eliminate unjust and fraudelent trade practices in the marketing of raw fur.

-To oppose and or repeal any law or regulation which is biased and or discriminating towards the trapping fraternity.

-To oppose any organizations or combination thereof whose activities or whose designs are detrimental to the interest of the trapping fraternity.

-To educate in the proper methods of taking animals in traps in accordance with Massachusetts trapping regulations.

-To educate in the proper handling and care of raw fur.

-To cultivate good will, natural understanding, and respect of the rights of land owners.

-To promote sound management for the conservation of frubearers in the Commonwealth.

-To promote the wearing and use of native American fur.



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